When it comes to making websites, it used to take anywhere from days to weeks. But why stick to the old way? Let’s try something new: Make it work, Make it better. This change gets rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Then there’s the choice of how to build the website. I thought about using gatsby-starter-foundation, but there were some bugs when building it 😅.

I also considered using Webflow or other nocode tools that don’t need coding. But right now, I want to stick with being a developer and not spend time learning new things.

Another option is WordPress, which many people like. But here’s the issue: I’d either have to give up some things or spend a ton of time tweaking it to be as fast as Gatsby.

So, I looked around the Jamstack ecosystem and found Astro.

Maewolff portfolio thumbnail

I found a good-looking template, the Maewolff portfolio. I made a few changes and boom, The first version is up and running on Netlify.

In a world where time and quality matter, things have changed. Making websites isn’t just about days or weeks anymore. It’s about making something fast, awesome, and optimized. And with Astro, this new way of making websites is here for you.

Try Astro now and see the difference. Your websites deserve it.